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What to do in Mangareva

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The activities in Mangareva are for explorers and for those who are really interested in the history of the island. While you are in Mangareva, there are some sights that you must visit.

St Michael cathedral

In the main village of Rikitea, you can visit St Michael's cathedral dating from 1848 whose masterpiece is the altar richly decorated in pearls and mother-of-pearl.

The ruins of Rikitea

The ruins of Rikitea provide a history of the lost civilisation. These monumental ruins include a convent, a triumphal arch, a large number of watchtowers, a jail and a court. This old and precious monument has a dark and eerie feeling.

Discover Mt. Duff

In terms of activities, Hiking is a pleasant leisure to experience while you are here. Mt Duff contains overgrown vegetation and very long grass, it will take you approximately three to four hours to reach the peak of the mountain. However, when you arrive at the top, you will appreciate your efforts as the view of the lagoon and the island is extraordinary.


There are no many souvenirs to buy in Mangareva. However, there are some local artisant who sell carved mother-of-pearl items.


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